IEC 61010

IEC 61010

IEC 61010

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Standards Sources


National Electrical Manufacturers' Association

  • 1300 North 17th Street Rosslyn, VA 22209
  • NEMA Standards Publication No. 250 enclosures for
    Electrical Equipment (1000 Maximum)
  • NEMA Standards Publication No. ICS6 enclosures for
    Industrial Controls and Systems


Underwriters' Laboratories Inc.

  • 333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
  • UL 50 Cabinets and Boxes
  • UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment
  • UL 870 Wireways, Auxiliary Gutter, and Associated Fittings


CSA International

  • 178 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario,
    Canada M9W 1R3
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No 0 General Requirements -
    Canadian Electrical Code, Part II
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No 0.4 Bonding and Grounding of
    Electrical Equipment
    (Protective Equipment)
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No. 14 Industrial Control Equipment
    for Use in Ordinary
    (Non-Hazardous) Locations
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No. 40 Cutout, Junction, and Pull
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No. 26 Construction and Test of
    Wireways, and Auxiliary Gutters, and Associated Fittings.
  • CSA Standard C22.2, No. 94-M91 Special Purpose Enclosures


Electronic Industries Association

  • 2500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
  • EIA RS-310-D Cabinets, Racks, Panels, and Associated


International Electrotechnical Commission

  • 3 Rue de Varemb, Geneva, Switzerland
  • IEC 60529 Classification of Degrees of Protection Provided
    by Enclosures


Conformite Europeene

  • European Commission


American National Standards Institute

  • 1819 L Street NW Washington, DC 20036

North American Standards

In North America, NEMA, UL and CSA are the most commonly recognized Standards organizations.

They are almost identical in their rating and testing of enclosures.

UL and CSA

  • Provide “certification labels” to be permanently attached inside the enclosures.
  • Require that enclosures be tested in an approved lab in order to prove their performance.
  • Inspect manufacturers to ensure they use approved materials and build to tested product designs.
  • Do not provide “certification labels” for enclosures
  • Do not provide testing services or require enclosures to be tested.
  • Leave compliance and testing to the discretion of the manufacturer.

JIC Ratings

  • JIC or Joint Industrial Commission ratings are Standards which (in brief) specify minimum allowable material thickness for various enclosure sizes.

Hammond Enclosure Ratings

In general, Hammond Enclosures are...

  • Listed by UL
  • Certified by CSA
  • Comply with NEMA
  • Comply with EEMAC
  • Comply with JIC
  • Comply with IEC

European Standards


In Europe, IEC ratings are the most commonly recognized Standards for enclosures.

  • IEC ratings are similar to NEMA, but the pass or fail requirements are different. (see NEMA to IEC Cross Reference Chart on page 7).
  • IEC does not include ratings for enclosures in conditions of corrosion, rust or oil.
  • IEC does not provide testing, so testing and compliance is left up to the manufacturer. In Europe, TUV and VDE are two popular testing agencies that manufacturers use.
  • CE is a European Union (EU) symbol, which indicates that the product complies with the EU directives or Standards for that product.

CE does not apply to empty enclosures because enclosures are components of a final assembly. Testing and compliance to EU directives is the responsibility of the final equipment manufacturer.

Dual Standards

UL and CSA have markings available that indicate approvals meet Standards of their “non-home” country.

  • The cUL mark indicates the product has been tested to meet Canadian Standards by the UL organization.
  • The cCSAus mark indicates the product has been tested to meet USA Standards by CSA.

    Standard:       IEC 61032 IEC 60061 IEC 60335 IEC 60529 IEC 60068 IEC 60950 IEC 61010 IEC62368 IEC 60601
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