IEC 61010

IEC 61010

IEC 61010

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The instructions on the Spring Impact Hammer

Spring Impact Hammer

1. Introduction

The Spring Impact Hammer is strictly designed according to IEC60068-2-75 and GB/T2423 Standard. It’s used to the impact resistance test of electric and electronic products and it’s a necessary tool to test the safety performance of the electrical appliance’s enclosure under the external mechanical forces. It’s applied to the mechanical strength test of household and similar electric appliance, electronics, lamps, the shell of electrical accessories, operating arm, hand shank, brigade button, indicator light, signal lamp and lampshade etc., to guarantee the test specimen can support the possibility of reckless action and other accidents and the electrical product can operate safe and reliable which can’t hurt human.

2. Specification


Impact   energy















Universal   Type


Special Energy can be customized


3. Application

Single type hammer: Fix the specimen according to the requirements of related standard, and choose the impact test point, pull the handle of the hammer, meanwhile the hammer will be in state of readiness. Put the hammer contact with the surface of the specimen vertical, push the impactor to release to promote the impact test of the sample.

Universal type hammer: Rotating the back cover, change the energy which need to test, then do the test same as the Single Type Hammer.

4. Attention

1. When not is use, the hammer should be in release conditions.

2. When change or adjust the spring, the hammer should be calibrated by the calibration department before using.

3. The hammer is a precision instrument, please handle with care and beware of fall.

4. Storage condition: Temperature: 5~35℃,box with desiccant.

    Standard:       IEC 61032 IEC 60061 IEC 60335 IEC 60529 IEC 60068 IEC 60950 IEC 61010 IEC62368 IEC 60601
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